The director

The Isabel Fish Academy (IFA) was established in 1997. The reputation of IFA is firmly established as one of excellence.

Isabel has an extensive background in lecturing, teaching, directing and producing arts events which began in 1972. She is a highly experienced teacher from pre-school to post-graduate level. She holds qualifications from the Auckland Teachers College, Trinity College, London and the University of Auckland.

Isabel has taught in many schools, arts organizations and tertiary institutions both in New Zealand and the USA. Her last job before setting up IFA was at Kristin School, Albany, where she was Head of Drama. In NZ she also taught and directed at the University of Auckland, the Auckland College of Education, Limbs Dance Studio and Unitec, Performing Arts School. She has lectured for The Auckland District Law Society, CLE since 1997.

In the 1980s and early 1990s Isabel studied and worked as a guest extensively in California. Some of the organizations she was involved with include: UCLA, in the San Francisco Bay area -Project LEAP, Life on the Water Theatre, The Leonard Pitt School of Mime, Theatre and Mask, George Coates Performance Works, The Sifu Bing Jiang School of Martial Arts and Montessori Family Schools, Berkeley.

Isabel established a reputation as a leading director in the arts, producing numerous highly acclaimed dramas and multi-media shows, which numerous critics have described in reviews as: “visionary...astounding…visually stunning… totally professional…outstanding…spectacular…magic.”

Isabel has made many guest appearances on TV and radio. She has hosted and presented events for many high profile individuals and organizations including Trinity College London. She has also been involved in political advocacy for arts and environmental issues.