In the 2015 December exams with Trinity College, London, one of our students, Jesse Park, obtained 100% for his Speech and Drama examination.
Marco Schnabel obtained 96% and Victor Saussey-Sinclair 93%.
We had a 100% pass rate in 2015 and 99% of students obtained distinction.

Past successes.

Tara Ranchhod gained distinction for Grade 8 and ATCL Speech and Drama, completing both in one year.
Tanne Snowden gained distinction for ATCL Communication Skills, completed in half a year.

Brooke Whitaker, intellectual property lawyer, has achieved an extremely high distinction pass for her ATCL Performers examination. A distinction pass for ATCL is 75% and Brooke scored 83%! Brooke plans to head to the UK this year.

Alexander Kirch was the most outstanding student of the year in 2012. At the age of 16 he won a substantial scholarship for tuition fees. Alex has passed all his exams (grade 1 to 8) with us. He has achieved much success with many parts of the syllabus including drama, speech, performance arts, communication skills and Shakespeare. Alex is an excellent all-rounder who has won many competitions related to his academic, cultural and sporting interests. He achieved the top overall mark among our students who sat a Trinity Guildhall exam.

Sahil Arora, aged 16 years, received 88% for grade 4 in Speech and Drama and won the annual scholarship to the value of $275 or one term of tuition. In Oct 2006 Sahil performed at an exhibition concert for students who achieved top Trinity Guildhall exam marks, which is a great honour.  He is a keen hockey player.

Other top distinction scorers:




Imogen Graham



Speech and Drama 

Isaac Robinson



Acting in Pairs 

Stephane Monten



Acting in Pairs 

Georgy Montgomery



Speech and Drama 

Chanel Paul



Speech and Drama

Our students go on motivated to achieve

Students who work with Isabel for a reasonable duration of time experience transformations in their personal confidence and abilities. They enjoy their new found successes, which are earned by setting and achieving incremental goals. Students begin to understand the importance of effective communication in all spheres of life.

Thousands of Isabel's past students have gone on to achieve fantastically in an extensive array of careers. Besides mentoring directors, producers, performers of all types, such as actors, speech makers, musicians, dancers, members of the entertainment industry, media people, visual artists and writers; she has also helped train many doctors, scientists, lawyers, lecturers, teachers, managers, IT workers, hospitality employees and an array of business entrepreneurs. Many have won recognition with awards, scholarships, prizes and a wide variety of accolades.