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Poetry site    19.4.08 

Check out this great site where you can publish your stuff: Auckland Poets.

If you’re simply the best…be on a TV show!    19.4.08 

Hey there are you talented and do you want to be on TV?

It doesn’t matter how old you are.

Are you the very best at something?

Want to win a large cash prize?

Use your imagination, boring won’t win!

Find out what the competition is all about by emailing   

Register your interest at

See some twits    19.4.08

Hey, if you want a laugh these school holidays,
go see The Twits (Roald Dahl) by fantastic playwright, David Wood. This is directed by Tim Bray and is on at the Pumphouse Theatre in Takapuna.
Book at or call 09 4898360. 

Have fun!