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Student advances    25.7.09

When I took Justin Scott on as a student in 2007 he was enthusiastic but hindered by the fact that he could not cold read* from a page of text without many stumbles. He did not have a great deal of confidence, his vocabularly recognition was poor and general knowledge of literature was not that great. In 2007 he took his first TrinityGuildhall of London examination, a Performance Arts in pairs exam, with a young girl called Samatntha. He worked extremely well on a piece of duologue from ‘Ophelia Thinks Harder’ by Jean Betts, based on Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’.

They engaged in intensive literary study and research on the text. Justin and Sam also created an original dance piece for this exam and ended up with a fantastic mark of 83%. In 2008 Justin continued on and worked toward another Trinity Guildhall exam a, a solo Performance Arts exam and bingo, he got the top mark from The Isabel Fish Academy that year. He received 94%.

Recently he choreographed and directed a show for his school which was an amazing success.He is now preparing for another exam and I anticipate he will do very well. He has taken some one on one classes with myself and Tim Gordon, who is an amazing choreographer/dancer/Alexander technique expert. He is making lovely progress with his movement work.Justin has worked to achieve his success and remained dedicated and disciplined.

It is a pleasure to see young people like him blossom.

*cold read: read at sight without any preparation

Outstanding achievement    12.4.08

Isaac Robinson achieved 96% for his Grade 7 Individual Acting skills exam in November, 2007.

He was top of Auckland. Today there is a special Trinity Guildhall of London exhibition concert where the outstanding performers demonstrate their skills. He is perfoming one of his pieces from The Theatre of the Absurd, Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot.

The other pieces he performed in the exam were from Trainspotting and the acrobatic Harleqin from Commedia déll Arte.

Congratulations Isaac, well done!