Mime    11.5.11

I have spent a few days in Berkeley, California with Leonard Pitt, a talented mime artist. I enjoyed watching him teach his class, and reflected on the similarities and differences between our teaching styles.

WIFT    19.7.08 

A group of women from Women In Film and Television, WIFT, Aotearoa were involved in a workshop with Paul Reynolds learning about the Web 2 environment. We are learning skills to help us embed, tag, channel and create group views.

For an introduction to personalisation of your website, 2 useful websites are: and


Have a real experience    4.5.08 

If you have ever wondered how you could deliver a stunning, confident performance like those of this year's students why don’t you try a course at The Isabel Fish Academy?

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The Isabel Fish technique gets results.

The importance of relaxation    30.4.08 

A performer who is relaxed in there approach to their work should be more effective in their delivery. A person who is tense and nervous will block their energy flow and others will see the effects as flaws in their delivery.

Many people suffer from nerves especially when they have a special performance or presentation to deliver. Nerves cause people to do all kinds of strange things both physically and mentally. People have different types of symptoms, some are more extreme and noticable from an external viewpoint and others get very churned up on the inside. It all stems from the way a person thinks about themselves and their capabilites.

Relaxation is an art. It involves practising the right techniques appropriate to the person’s needs. You can stay very focusssed and energised if you are relaxed in the appropriate manner.

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The importance of warm-ups    19.4.08

It is really important for performers to warm up before they begin a performance, presentation or display of their abilities. Successful professionals know this!

The mind and body must be focussed on the task at hand.

A warm up should involve a series of technical exercises that help the mind become alert and the body be physically prepared and energised.

This applies to actors, speakers, presenters, musicians, dancers and most sportspeople. Performers from all walks of life should aim to give the very best display of their abilities that they can.

If a performer does not understand the importance of preparing properly with warm ups, or have the knowledge of techniques to use, they can risk not delivering with their very best level of energy.

Successful people strive to deliver with the best energy they can.

Warm ups help you get the energy.